Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Undergraduate Certificate Requirements

Our undergraduate certificate encourages students to study the specific achievements of women, examine the many factors that determine the status of women across cultures and through time, and analyze theories and assumptions about women that relate to their particular majors.

Course Delivery Options

Students may choose to complete the certificate by taking in-person courses or a mix of in-person and online courses. Students are also able to complete the certificate fully online. The University of Hawaii at Mānoa is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the fully online Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 5-Course Certificate is approved by WASC.

Certificate Requirements

The certificate requires the completion of at least 5 courses (15 credit hours) meeting the following criteria:

  • WS 439: Feminist Theory, cross-listed as POLS 339 (3) DS
  • At least 3 credit hours with a focus on gender, race, and ethnicity in transnational perspectives
  • 9 credits of WS electives (3 credits must be 300 level or higher)
  • Students must receive a minimum "C" grade (not "C-") in all selected WGSS courses.

Admissions and Advising

Interested students should contact the undergraduate advisor regarding detailed program requirements and forms needed to earn the certificate.