Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Online BA Requirements

The online Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Women's Studies requires at least 30 credit hours (with a C or better) including:

I. Core Courses (6 credit hours)

  • WS 439: Feminist Theory, cross-listed as POLS 339 (3) DS
  • WS 440: Feminist Methods and Research (3) DS

II. Focus Courses (24 credit hours)

At least three courses (9 credit hours) for both general and special focus majors must be selected from courses focusing on gender, race, and ethnicity in transnational perspective.

Plans of Study

As Women's Studies majors, students may choose between:

The general focus plan consists entirely of courses within the department and provides students with an overview of the entire field of women's studies.

  • 9 credit hours in 300-level WS courses
  • 3 credit hours in 400-level WS courses
  • 12 additional credit hours in WS courses

The special focus plan gives students the opportunity to design a curriculum based on a specific topic of interest, such as gender and law or women and health. The special focus plan can include up to 15 credits outside the department as long as the courses are pre-approved and match the special focus of the plan.

  • 6 credit hours in 300-level WS courses
  • Up to 15 credits in 300- or 400-level courses outside WS
  • Additional coursework as necessary to complete 30 total credit hours

Admissions and Advising

Students interested in obtaining an Online BA in Women’s Studies may contact the undergraduate advisor for more information, or visit the  College of Social Science’s Aloha Pathways Online website for more information.