Double Major

Passionate about women’s rights and political issues? Want to be formally credentialed in both worlds so you can have an edge in the job market? Then consider double majoring in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and another degree of your choice! Start your planning early so you can graduate on time at no extra cost with two majors. The following are double-major examples:

Women’s Studies and Political Science

Possible WS Electives that satisfy both majors:

  • WS 304: Women, War, and the Military
  • WS 310: U.S. Women’s History to 1890s
  • WS 311: U.S. Women’s History
  • WS 318: Women and Social Policy
  • WS 339: South Asian Migrants: Culture and Politics
  • WS 367: Sustainability, Technoscience, and Social Justice
  • WS 384: Women and Politics
  • WS 400: Food, Body, and Women: Analysis of Biopolitics
  • WS 410: Gender and Politics in U.S. -Okinawa Relations
  • WS 418: Women and Work
  • WS 438: Gender and Environmental Philosophy
  • WS 460: Feminism, Nation and Empire
  • WS 492: Women and Revolution

Women’s Studies and Psychology

Possible WS Electives that satisfy both majors:

  • WS 200: Culture, Gender, and Appearance
  • WS 202: Psychology of Gender
  • WS 315: Sex and Gender
  • WS 350: Sex Differences in the Life Cycle
  • WS 390: Gender and Race in U.S. Society
  • WS 392: Sexualities
  • WS 424: Gender, Sexuality, and Cyberspace
  • WS 434: Women and Madness
  • WS 435: Women and Crime
  • WS 437: Gender and Violence
  • WS 446: Gender Violence Over the Lifecycle
  • WS 452: Marriage and Family: Feminist Perspective
  • WS 456: Politics of Men and Masculinity in U.S. Culture
  • WS 462: Women and Globalization in Asia
  • WS 493: Trans*Studies: Trans(feminine/masculine/gender nonconforming/sexual)